Marketing & Service

Marketing & Service

Self Photos / Files - service_image1As the company vision statement of "Bonding Customers & Suppliers", CoreTech provides a well developed platform for 2 functions:


  1. For the suppliers, to transform their potential products into successful commercialization.
  2. For the end-customers, the most needed full-round service support to complete the needed target analysis and study, no matter it could be a technical support or an applications support.






If you are a customer, why would you approach to CoreTech?

It becomes much simpler for a customer as why to approach CoreTech, as basically on 2 simple points:

  • CoreTech believes a complete solution including Technical & Application support to end-customers is the one-single way to success of win-win situation for all.
  • CoreTech understands well the concept of "Time is Money". Together with the mature engineering capabilities, the full support of partnership manufacturers, and the spare parts warehouse centre. CoreTech can provide the best and quickest service to all of the end-customers and users.



If you are a supplier, how can the CoreTech's well-developed platform be beneficial to you?

  • Successful Past Experience

    With the chances of working with ULVAC-PHI, Inc. and SVT Associates, CoreTech had a proven successful experience with both cases.  Since year 2007 until now, CoreTech had been the sole Sales & Service Representative of ULVAC-PHI in the whole of Great China and also the sole Service Representative in whole of the Asia Pacific.  CoreTech also had become the authorized Service Representative for SVT Associates in the whole of Great China region starting from year 2010.  With the continuous partnership with ULVAC-PHI and SVT Associates, CoreTech had been keeping good customer satisfaction to the end-customers while keeping an exciting growth for each product in the market.

  • Internationalize & Location advantages

    CoreTech’s headquarter is based in Hong Kong, the center of Asia, while also have opened branch offices in Beijing China (January, 2010) and Singapore (July, 2011).   With using this advantage of location convenience, CoreTech can help you to reach to your potential customer the quickest possible.

  • Large Customers Base

    CoreTech integrated is specializing in the Vacuum technologies, Surface Analysis, and Nano-Technologies industries and studies. We already had a large customers and users base in the related market, including both industrial users and analytical researchers.  Your target customers could be, yet, already our existing customers.

  • Mature Engineering capabilities

    The key members of CoreTech are experienced veterans in electronics, analytical instrumentation, and vacuum technologies.  The strong and mature technical background ensure the greatest support of your potential products for both before and after-sales services.  Below summary of CoreTech’s expertise:

    • Vacuum Technologies – Vacuum pumps, workings in UHV environments, Vacuum gauges, valves, Leak check and detection, stainless steel UHV chambers.
    • Electronics – High & Low voltage modules, Electronic troubleshooting, and electronic assembly capabilities.
    • Analytical Instrumentation – In vacuum optics work including Electron Beam & Ion Beam optics, Electro-Static and Magnetic instrumentation principles, and detector optics assembly. Instrumentations include Secondary Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), X-ray Photo-Electron Spectroscopy (XPS), Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES), Time-of-Flight SIMS (Tof-SIMS), Dynamic SIMS (D-SIMS), Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)…etc.
    • Others – Magnetic field cancelling, Anti-vibration, Desktop SEM…etc.
  • Developed protocol for potential commercial products

    From the successful experience, CoreTech had a well developed protocol to transform a potential designs into successful commercial products in a well-planned sequences. Basically CoreTech’s structure is divided into 3 main groups, as below illustration for how can the protocol transform a potential product into a successful one.


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